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Help for aching feet & Plantar Fasciitis

Many people live with pain and discomfort daily in their feet. Ankles, arches, bunions, neuropathy and Plantar Fasciitis are a few of the problems. There are simple exercises that you can do on a regular basis to help strengthen the muscles and improve the structure of the feet. I will list them below...

The human foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 36 muscles, 56 ligaments, 2,000 sweat glands, multiple arteries and veins and more than 7,200 nerve endings. The average person will walk between 79,000 and 100,000 miles in a lifetime, more than enough steps to circle the earth three times. These factors make the feet a natural gateway for the dislodgement and release of toxins from major organs and systems throughout the body.

Foot Reflexology is MORE than just a foot rub! It is based upon the theory of reflex points on feet / hands / ears that reflect organs / glands & body parts.  Through applied pressure, blockages can be released and venous and lymphatic circulation restored. Client remains fully clothed except for feet.


*While sitting in a chair, start with the foot flat on the ground or floor. Raise up the foot as if to stand on the ball of the foot, and then on to the toes. Roll the foot forward, and curl the toes under. Hold each position for about 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

*To massage the bottom of the foot, roll a golf ball under the arch and ball of the bare foot for about 2 minutes.  I find that in the mornings, it works to use a frozen 12 ounce plastic bottle of water. This can help to reduce foot cramps as well as reducing pain and inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis.

*Place a hand towel on the floor, and using ONLY the toes (curl and release) grip the towel and move it towards you. Repeat this 5 times. This exercise also helps to ease hammertoes, reduce toe cramps and lessen pain in the ball of the foot.

*Put about 20-30 marbles on the floor. Using the toes, pick up one marble at a time and place it in a small bowl or cup. Do this until you have moved all the marbles into the cup.

*When you get a chance, go to a beach and walk barefoot in the sand. This helps to exercise all the muscles in the feet, strengthen the toes and act as an overall physical conditioner for the feet.

*Get regular sessions of Integrative foot Reflexology or THAI foot Reflexology which helps to maintain your overall good health.

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